Newforms: a Whole New World…

Newforms is a global innovation consultancy, think-tank, idea-farm and network of Newforms Hubs that are literally working towards a Whole New World…

Newforms was founded by Peter J. Farmer alongside diverse teams of innovative entrepreneurs, pioneers, inventors, artists, activists, educators and consultants both past and present, some of whom have gone on to develop their own world-changing initiatives over the years!

Peter is an author, entrepreneur, creative trainer, public speaker and consultant. He and his team’s infectious passion for a Whole New World; the fulfilment of the Creator’s original architectural blueprint for a beautiful flourishing world, shines through all that Newforms is working  for.


Working towards a Whole New World might seem like a lofty aim but we believe in aiming high! We are always asking questions of ourselves and others about how we, as individuals, organisations and society as a whole, can function to the very best of our ability and make a difference in our world.

We are aware of how broken society is, and how much work there is to do, but we are firmly hopeful and believe that if we work in partnership, in the right way, towards the right goals, we can help create a Whole New World, which more closely reflects the original and ideal design in every conceivable way.

We are keen to connect and work with others who are also seeking to make a positive difference in society, in every sphere – social+family, religion, education, business, politics, media, and arts&culture, in localised settings and around the globe.

Our Murmuration is ever growing and evolving and reaching into new forms and spheres, so please keep in touch and contact us if you are interested in any of our innovative solutions or in working with us in some way.